Same Sex Weddings

Planning A Same Sex Wedding?

Congratulations you on your engagement. A same sex wedding is your special, memorable event and you want it to be perfect. Fortunately, A Frosted Affair has years of experience planning same sex weddings in Denver, so we’ll make sure that every element of the ceremony and reception is as unique as you and your partner.

What Does an Event Planner Do?

Planning a same sex wedding ceremony requires meticulous, often painstaking organization. They should be handled by an event planner so the couple doesn’t have to worry about anything on their special day. Once hired, A Frosted Affair will begin a plan to achieve the event you envision and map out every detail.

If you need help generating announcements or finding venues for your same sex wedding, A Frosted Affair can help. We’ll use our years of experience, vast network of vendors, and trusted relationships with venues to make your event amazing. Your same sex wedding will also get the same tools that our other wedding patrons receive, including our wedding planning checklist.

Our founder and top wedding planner, Katherine Frost began coordinating events as a young child. In the past several decades, she has been running A Frosted Affair, translating her lifelong passion into awesome events, every time.

Same Sex Wedding Planning Checklist: Will I Need a Wedding Coordinator?

If you are planning a same sex wedding in Colorado and want help, call on A Frosted Affair. We can help plan and prepare your same sex wedding, so you don’t have any stress about the event. A Frosted Affair wedding coordinators are used to traveling to indoor and outdoor wedding venues in Colorado to act as your event manager. Contact us now to find out more and schedule a consultation.

Do You Want a Unique Civil Union Ceremony and Reception?

Your same sex wedding is already special, but do you want to make it even more unique? A Frosted Affair has many same sex wedding ceremony ideas and takes pride in making every event unforgettable. With innovative creativity, we deliver awe-inspiring results for you and your guests to enjoy. Looking for a Game of Thrones-themed same sex wedding? A music-inspired event, complete with a live band and a few boss DJs? Perhaps you want Darth Vader to officiate? We adore unconventional wedding ideas, so don’t hesitate to tell us your ideas.

Does a Wedding Budget Apply to Same Sex Weddings?

Whether you’re having a same sex ceremony or a wedding, both require an investment. Certain venues and options cost more than others but we pride ourselves on maximizing any budget to pay off in unforgettable memories. We have a number of vendors that we negotiate with frequently so we can offer great pricing. Most importantly, we disclose all of our billing practices and only charge a flat fee that varies depending on the level of service you require.

No Vendor Markups

Of course, A Frosted Affair cares about saving you money. Many event planners markup their vendor services, charging more for things like table rentals and wedding catering. At A Frosted Affair, charging more is just something we can’t abide by. We’re happy to negotiate better rates with vendors, meaning what we save in vendor rates often covers our event planning fee.

What about the Rehearsal Dinner, Engagement Party & Welcome Reception?

A civil union doesn’t just have to end with the ceremony and reception. You can have an engagement party, a welcome reception, and a rehearsal dinner. Even if you want to host a wedding brunch for out-of-town guests, A Frosted Affair can make it happen. Just remember, we’re a full-service wedding organizer. We love taking care of all wedding-related events.

Colorado Same Sex Wedding

A Frosted Affair knows that Colorado is a great place for weddings. The mountain views and rugged landscape provide breathtaking natural beauty to complement your unique event. We work with the top vendors and wedding venues in Colorado to make your Colorado destination wedding amazing. If you’re planning a Colorado wedding, from abroad, let A Frosted Affair be your local feet on the ground. We’ll keep your Colorado destination wedding hassle-free.

When Should I Start Planning My Same Sex Wedding?

Right now. Start planning your same sex wedding today to secure the best venues, vendors, and locations. Set a date. Give guests time to prepare their travel arrangements. Meanwhile, A Frosted Affair can put a plan together detailing every aspect of your event. Contact us today and tell us what kind of same sex wedding you are dreaming of. We love making dreams come true.

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