If you dream of having an over-the-top, extravagant, luxurious wedding ceremony with a reception to match, you’re not alone. Luxury weddings aren’t just for celebrity couples; they are for anyone who doesn’t want to settle for the ordinary. If you’re looking to have a luxury wedding reception, check out these over-the-top ideas.

Up Your Serving Game

Elevate cocktail hour with monogrammed napkins and six to eight different types of hors d’oeuvres served by waiters who circulate through the room. Engraved keepsake wedding cake servers and etched champagne flutes also add an elegant touch to the proceedings.

Take Wedding Favors to the Next Level

Personalized wedding favors are a sure way to wow your guests and make your wedding memorable. Leave your guests a present at their seat before dinner. It should incorporate your overall wedding vibe, so guests can remember your event long after they leave the party.

Choose the Right Wedding Music

Music sets the mood, so to create a luxurious, elegant event, start with a string quartet at the wedding. At the cocktail hour, a cool jazz trio of piano, bass, and drums will get guests ready to party. For the reception, there is nothing like a live band to bring rhythm and energy to the room. And when the band takes breaks, a DJ can fill in with special songs. Great live music ensure that your guests rock at your wedding!

Oversize Your Wedding Florals

If you want to really make your wedding luxurious, talk to your wedding planner about incorporating aisle florals into your big day. While most people put the majority of their focus on the bouquet, having an extravagant floral arch or several large vases with lush floral arrangements is a great way to convey opulence. Don’t forget: these florals can be repurposed for the reception after the ceremony has concluded.

Elevate Your Wedding Dance Floor

Forget boring flat dance floors. Take your dance party to the next level (literally) by lifting up your dance floor a few inches. This will ensure the focus of the wedding reception is on the dance floor, where guests are having the time of their lives. Plus, you’re sure to have a dramatic entrance for your first dance where all eyes are guaranteed to be on you.

Avant-Garde Wedding Entertainment

If you want to do something truly exquisite, include more entertainment on your wedding day than just the traditional DJ and photographer. A painter, for instance, is able to capture the scenes as they appear and turn them into a masterpiece that can be displayed throughout your home for years to come. Or, if you want something even more over the top, incorporate a horse into your ceremony for a truly royal entrance and exit.

Turn Your Wedding Venue Into an Enchanted Garden

You can go all out with an enchanted garden theme for your venue. Luxury floral arrangements and spiraling vines accented with brass or gold metals and luxurious crystals will give your wedding a magical feeling that guests will ooh and aah over.

Have Fun With an Interactive Bar

Try incorporating an interactive bar into your event for a new experience. Find a lively bar staff that can get theatrical while mixing delicious cocktails. Create signature bride and groom cocktails and unveil them during the reception.

Trust a Professional Wedding Planner

As Denver’s premier event planner, A Frosted Affair can help you add all of these amazing details to your wedding. Contact us today for more information.