Event Venues

Just like in real estate, when it comes to events, it all about the location, location, location. Where the event is held is often the most important factor in planning a successful affair. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of venues around the Denver Metro area and the mountain areas of Vail, Aspen, and Breckenridge. We make it our business to know the benefits of each, the standing and seating capacity, the lighting capabilities and the approved vendors for each location so that we can determine which one is right for your event. There are always new venues popping up, and we stay on top of what each new location offers. When you are planning an event in Denver, you can trust A Frosted Affair to help you choose the right place to host it.

Event Vendors

There are many vendors who contribute a product or service to a single event. Lighting specialists, furniture rental services, tableware and linen dealers, florists, designers, entertainers, and more all have an important role in your event. It’s imperative that they are reliable and deliver what they promise so that your event goes smoothly. A Frosted Affair has vetted all our vendors for quality and performance. We know their capabilities and can evaluate which ones will best suit your event’s specific needs. We also coordinate the scheduling of each of these vendors so that they work together seamlessly. In many ways, your event is only as good as the vendors you choose, and we can help you choose the right ones.

Event Caterers

We test for cleanliness and food quality with all our catering partners. We work with many providers so that we can offer our clients the widest range of options to fit every type of event. A food truck may be the perfect choice for a teen birthday party, while an elegant French menu is right for a luxury wedding. We have a large book of capable, reliable caterers to choose from so that you get the menu that fits your event.

Transparent Vendor Pricing

When you work with A Frosted Affair, you will have access to the best vendors in Denver, the mountain areas, and Colorado. And we never mark up our vendors’ fees. The price we negotiate with them is the price you’ll pay for their services.

Contact A Frosted Affair to find the best vendors in Colorado for your event.

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