Nonprofit Event Planning

Nonprofit events can be the lifeblood of an organization. Not just because they raise money but also because they can be highly visible and showcase who you are and what you do. We know that your nonprofit event can be a tremendous opportunity as well as a risky endeavor. We can mitigate your risk while making the most of the opportunity so your organization shines.

Bring energy, ideas, and budget-stretching ingenuity to your nonprofit event planning with A Frosted Affair. We have been planning, organizing, and managing events for some of the top nonprofits in Denver for years. We know the right venues, caterers, and vendors to tap to bring your nonprofit event to life. What’s more, with our deep network in Denver and experience in the nonprofit world, we can authentically demonstrate your nonprofit’s mission and vision in the details of your event. If you need a nonprofit event planner, let A Frosted Affair be your helping hand.

From fundraising galas to employee luncheons to donor appreciation nights, A Frosted Affair is ready to make your nonprofit event a memorable one. Whatever your goals, contact us to discuss your nonprofit event in Denver.

What Does a Nonprofit Event Planner Do?

A nonprofit event planner takes the stress of planning and managing the event off your plate. (Seriously, what nonprofit isn’t running with a time and talent deficit?) A planner gives you a sigh of relief because the success of the event isn’t all on you anymore. You have an experienced professional to rely on.

Like running a nonprofit, planning a nonprofit event takes knowledge, savvy, and a specific set of skills. The best nonprofit events happen when an experienced event planner who has those qualifications takes the helm. When you hire A Frosted Affair to plan and execute your nonprofit event, you are freed up to get on with the business of running your nonprofit, confident that your event will go off without a hitch.

Nonprofit Event Venue

Sometimes the event venue can make or break your event (and the amount of money you raise). Your space must appeal to your various guests, meet your budget, and provide the right mood for the event. With A Frosted Affair, finding that just-right venue is a breeze.

We work with many of the venues in Denver, from RiNo to LoDo, Wash Park to the Denver Tech Center. All these relationships we’ve forged allows us to stay on top of which venues offer what amenities. Many venues incorporate nature into their space. Others have gone to great lengths to remain sustainable. Still, others have adopted edgy urban designs. From chic to shabby chic, we can find the right venue for your event.

Plus, we love negotiating better prices for you. Tell us your ideal event and we’ll get the best spot for your budget.

Nonprofits are special to many people. From the people closest to the nonprofits’ cause to the donors with whom the cause resonates, a nonprofit has the power to unite people from many different walks of life. And nonprofit events have the special task of creating a time and place for all those people to join together. It’s a tremendous opportunity and a daunting responsibility. We can help you elevate your nonprofit event so that it carries a resounding message about what you do and why donating to or volunteering with your nonprofit can make a profound difference.

Nonprofit Fundraiser Planning: How to Organize A Fundraising Event?

Fundraising is an essential component to the financial health of any nonprofit, but one question still remains: How do you make a successful fundraiser? One way is to hire an expert nonprofit event planner. A Frosted Affair can create the perfect fundraising event that draws in donors and expertly conveys your message and mission. We’ll even help you come up with a fundraising event planning timeline to better reach your goals.

Unique Nonprofit Events

A Frosted Affair takes pride in making nonprofit events as unique as possible. A little creativity on our part will deliver a “wow” outcome for you and your donor base. Pondering a movie-themed nonprofit event? Considering a hot air balloon affair? Maybe the idea of a donor dance-off intrigues you. A Frosted Affair is here to collaborate and brainstorm with you to create the most unique event for your nonprofit that your staff, donors, and volunteers will talk about all year long.  

Event Vendor

Nonprofit event planners can markup as much as 40 percent on vendor product and services. It’s a shame because we don’t believe in marking up anything, especially vendor fees. The prices we negotiate with our suppliers is what you’ll pay, meaning the savings is passed on to you. These reductions often cover the cost of our event planning fees.

Vendors to Consider

Nonprofit events can be awesome with a few additions. If you’re hoping to makes your employees and donors feel valued, A Frosted Affair knows which touches are necessary. We always evaluate vendors to ensure the best service and quality. Consider adding these elements to your event.  

  • Event music
  • DJ
  • Cover band
  • Valet
  • Coat check
  • Party favors
  • Gift basket/raffle
  • Party decorations
  • Party themes

Convention Event Planner

In 2017, the Denver Convention Center hosted 231 events, with nearly 950,000 guests. If you’re heading to Denver for a nonprofit event and need to plan a get-together, call on A Frosted Affair to make it come together smoothly. Our network of venues, caterers, and vendors will be at your disposal. Contact us to discuss your goals.

About A Frosted Affair

A Frosted Affair has been the premier event planning organization of Denver, Colorado for years. Once you’ve made us your go-to for nonprofit events, you can count on having a vast network of vendors and event spaces to choose from.

Katherine Frost started this company to bring excellence, creativity, and integrity to event planning. Her knowledge and experience in nonprofit event planning ensure that your nonprofit enjoys a fantastic event.