Your marriage proposal is important. You want it to be unique to who you and your loved one are as a couple. If you’re a guy, you should make popping the big question a memorable and romantic event. As a woman, being proposed to or asking for his hand in marriage is likely one of the biggest expressions of love you’ll ever experience. It needs to be special, right? Here are some proposal mistakes to avoid and some important things to remember, no matter who is doing the proposing.

What To Do

Marriage Proposal Do #1: Proposal Planning

If you want to be plain and to the point in your proposal, that’s great. Before bending the knee and presenting a ring, however, consider setting up a few key things in advance, including a professional photographer and a nice setting that is significant to your relationship. Working out the logistics will go a long way to creating an unforgettable proposal.

Marriage Proposal Do #2: Remember the Photographer

Besides the big day, the moment when your engagement officially begins is one of the most important you’ll have with your partner. If you are planning a proposal, make sure you have a photographer in place to capture the moment (or even better, a videographer!) You and your partner don’t want to look back and not have photos of this special moment.

Marriage Proposal Do #3: Make A Location Visit

If you are looking for a guarantee that things won’t go as planned, don’t visit the place where you’re planning to pop the question. A site visit ensures you know the ins and outs of a location and can plan accordingly for traffic, number of visitors, noise, and other variables that could potentially throw your plan awry.

What Not To Do

Marriage Proposal Don’t #1: Jump the Gun

When you propose is important–and we don’t mean the time of day. You want to choose the right time in your relationship to pop the question. You should have talked about the idea of marriage beforehand so your significant other isn’t caught off guard. And make sure you are proposing for the right reasons and when the relationship is really ready for a lifetime commitment. It’s not worth ruining your relationship because you asked too soon.

Marriage Proposal Don’t #2: Be Too Public (Or Too Private)

Some people love to be the center of attention while others prefer a more quiet and intimate setting. If your partner loves to be the center of attention, ask somewhere with a crowd like in the middle of a restaurant or at a concert or sporting event. If your loved one is a little more on the quiet side, a secluded spot off the beaten path or during a sunset hike might be more their style. You know your partner better than anyone else, so make sure you pick a place to pop the question that’s reflective of the moment he or she will want to experience.

Marriage Proposal Don’t #3: Ruin the Surprise

The rule of any surprising event is: never ruin the surprise! While it’s definitely a good idea to talk about marriage before you actually propose, there’s a difference between being prepared and ruining the big moment. Although it’s hard, don’t drop any hints and limit the friends and family members you tell to curb the likelihood that any spoilers are given. Make sure you don’t spill the beans about the ring or timing of your plans. Your proposal will be so much more breathtaking and unforgettable when everyone is wowed.

Marriage Proposal Don’t #4: Show Up Without a Ring

Amazingly enough, some people don’t know that proposing without a ring is a bad idea. This is a bad way to start off the beginning of the rest of your life together. Engagement symbolizes a promise. No ring makes this promise appear half-hearted. If you’re not able to buy a ring, wait until you have one so that your partner doesn’t think the proposal was a last-minute idea.

Talk to an Event Planner

If doing all this sounds intimidating, talk to A Frosted Affair. As Denver’s premier event planner, we know how to create a proposal plan you both will never forget. We can help you plan the perfect day that you’ll remember forever.