Having been in the wedding planning business for over eight years, Katherine Frost is an industry expert when it comes to wedding and corporate event planning. She knows what works and what doesn’t work in planning successful events. That’s why she decided to develop a new event planning software to make event coordination easier for both the planner and the client.

Crowdsourced Event Intelligence From Other Industry Leaders

Having learned from her event planning struggles through the years, Katherine wanted to develop software that would allow the planner to focus less on the stress of organizing and planning events and more on what is most important– the client’s big day. By talking with other wedding and event planning experts, Katherine took her knowledge of what gave her and her colleagues the most trouble and created a program that would eliminate these pains.

Eliminate Contract Miscommunications

One of the major issues that Katherine and other wedding and corporate event planners kept running into was the amount of time spent reading and breaking down contract details. Often, the event planner is the one who has the contract details, so it is not always accessible to the client. If a client wants to double-check or change a specific date or price amount, they have to contact their event planner or the vendor directly, making miscommunications between the three parties more than likely. The software Katherine developed streamlines the flow of information between client, vendor, and planner. 

How It Works

The software Katherine and her partner developed scans contracts for language and key phrases and then extrapolates the information and puts it in an easy-to-read format for both the planner and client to view. If the client wants to look over the details of a vendor contract or make changes, the details are readily available and much easier to understand.  

For instance, if the software scans a catering contract for an upcoming fall wedding, the software would be able to pull out the important information, such as the wedding date, number of guests, menu options, set-up style, time of set-up and breakdown, and put all of that information into a concise document. This allows both the client and the planner to access these vital documents and pieces of information in one convenient location without having to sort through irrelevant information. 

Partnering Up

While Katherine is an extraordinary wedding planner, she knew she needed help bringing her software vision to life. She partnered with a friend from high school who upon hearing her idea, was immediately enthusiastic. With his programming skills and Katherine’s event knowledge, they have created a program that is both elegant and functional.


This month, they begin beta-testing the first version of the software and both partners are excited to see how the product stands up to outside user scrutiny. Beta testing is the second stage of software testing where a handful of people put the software through paces of real-world situations to test how the platform performs. Ideally, this phase identifies any bugs or user issues so they can be fixed before going to market.

The Transition From Event Expert To Software Guru

Starting this chapter signals the end of event planning for Katherine. She will see her current even commitments through to completion but will transition out of event planning over the next year so she can focus fully on this software venture. But it’s not really so different. Katherine has always concentrated on helping clients achieve the wedding of their dreams. She will still be making those dreams come true. Only now she’ll help thousands of event coordinators create a better experience for their clients. 

If you’re in the event planning industry and would like to know more about how A Frosted Affair Event Planning Software can help you, contact us today. We’d love to bring you along on this adventure.