If you are planning your 2019 wedding, it is not too early to start thinking about your event color palette. Your wedding party attire, florals, and linens are all subject to color choices, so knowing your color palette preferences is important.

To help you create a  colorful wedding, we have pulled together the 2019 color trends that will make your wedding design fresh and inspiring. Here are the colors to watch in 2019 weddings:

Dusty Blue

Gray and smoky blue hues are making headway in 2019. Colors inspired by a rainy seaside day, including light blues, grays, and navy will be the perfect backdrop for florals to stand out. Silver and ivory bouquets take center stage when contrasted with this subdued blue. And dusty blue table linens will make table centerpieces of gold or brass pop.

Sage Green

This relaxed shade of green is reminiscent of desert foliage which will create a subtle yet stunning color background for your wedding. An often underutilized color, light green draws attention to decor without being overly flashy and subconsciously conveys growth. Utilize the green theme by accenting with green sprigs and unique plants, like succulents, instead of flowers. Pair sage green with silver for an unexpected-yet-memorable combination.

Living Coral

Every year the Pantone Color Institute masters a collection of colors that are predicted to dominate the world of design in the upcoming calendar year. Pantone’s 2019 color palette includes numerous beautiful hues that brides-to-be and wedding planners are lusting after, including the 2019 color of the year, Living Coral. Inspired by the brilliance of the coral reef, “this dynamic yet soothing color is a nurturing hue that appears in our natural surroundings and, at the same time, displays a lively presence within social media.” A color that represents modern life as we know it today, this stunning pigment is predicted to be one of the most popular colors for weddings.


Another major player in the 2019 wedding game is cranberry. More eye-catching than dusty blue and sage green, cranberry takes center stage as it is a vibrant mix between a deep red and bright pink. It is a great color choice for summer or fall weddings especially when it is coupled with ivory or gold.

Royal Purple

Here is a color we haven’t seen much in weddings outside the House of Windsor. Royal purple is a stunning hue that brings a majestic feeling to any ceremony. The rich color is perfect for a fall or winter wedding and is a nice change of pace from the typical wedding color trends we’ve seen in recent years. Accent royal purple with other jewel tones for a bold wedding statement.

Cravings, Classico, and Meanderings

Three of the Pantone color palettes for 2019 are expected to be front and center in upcoming weddings. The Cravings palette is reminiscent of rich and vibrant foods from around the world, including colors like Butterum, Cappuccino, Chili Pepper, and Flamingo, while the Classico palette channels timeless color combinations, with shades like Deep Teal, Apricot, Camel, and Caviar. Meanderings tells the story of a world explored, invoking hues that bring in the richness of cultural diversity, including Spice Route, Chai Tea, and Island Green. You can check out the full book and color swatches here.

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