Destination weddings are one thing, but adventure weddings take your ceremony to a whole new level of amazing and unforgettable moments. Always wanted to do an African safari? Why not have your wedding on the Serengeti? Hoping that your groomsmen aren’t the only ones in tuxes at your event? Why not chill with the penguins in Antarctica? Here are some amazing destination ideas that will make saying your I-Do’s anything but typical.

What Is an Adventure Wedding?

An adventure wedding joins together your thirst for exploration while enjoying the local beauty of your chosen destination. Depending on where you choose to have your adventure wedding, you may want to do one or several days of exploration before or after the ceremony. Some people choose to bring along guests, some prefer to spend the day alone with their partner — the choice is yours.

Where Should You Go For An Adventure Wedding?

The world is your oyster, and what better way to explore it than with your partner during on the occasion of your wedding? Once you have decided you want to have an adventure wedding, the next question is “where?” Here are some of our favorite adventure wedding ideas.

Adventure Wedding on an Icelandic Glacier

Breathtaking winter scenery and natural beauty are center stage in Iceland, making it the perfect place for a snowy adventure wedding. The Langjökull glacial caves offer you and your guests a unique opportunity to go underground for an experience like none other. You can also spend time driving the ring road seeing the unforgettable Icelandic countryside. Whatever you choose to do in Iceland, it’s a safe bet it will be unlike anything you or your guests have done before.

Say Your Vows In A Hot Air Balloon Ride at Sunrise

Every October, Albuquerque, New Mexico holds their International Balloon Fiesta, which features over 500 balloons from around the world. Take a ride a few thousand feet above the ground and say your vows while watching the leaves change colors by the Rio Grande river. New Mexico has a ton of amazing desert spots to adventure through, like Ghost Ranch (where Georgia O’Keefe spent a majority of her time) or charming Santa Fe.

Say I Do in New Zealand’s Wine Country

If you want a vineyard wedding but are looking for something more exotic than California wine country, head to New Zealand. Known for some of the world’s most beautiful vineyards, New Zealand is a romantic backdrop for your wedding memories. After you explore the vineyards, take a helicopter ride to a mountain top or glacial fall where you and your partner can make things official (and maybe even see a Kiwi bird or two!).

Celebrate Your Nuptials On the Nile River in Egypt

For a truly exotically-themed wedding, consider tying the knot in Egypt. You can explore the classic sights like the Pyramids of Giza and The Valley of the Kings, or stray off the beaten path and go diving at the Lost City of Heracleion, a forgotten city under the ocean. On another day, take a tour of the Monastery of Saint Simon, a church hidden in an underground cave. Before or after all these day-trips, you can say your vows by candlelight on the Nile River.

If you are dreaming of an adventure wedding, contact us. We will make sure the location and activities are the perfect experiences in which to launch your life adventure together.

Katherine Frost is a luxury and destination wedding planner in Denver, Colorado who creates unforgettable weddings. Her company, A Frosted Affair, also works with corporations and non-profits to create events that inspire new levels of employee and donor engagement. When you want a wedding that beautifully conveys the personality of the couple or an event that demonstrates the value of an organization, call A Frosted Affair.