While some brides and grooms may dream of a spring or summer wedding, sometimes schedules just don’t work out to accommodate a warm-weather event. If a winter wedding is in your plans, here are nine tips that will help make the affair a warm, memorable gathering.  

1. Consider scheduling your wedding around MLK Day or Washington’s Birthday

Many people have those days off so scheduling your wedding for the weekend before or even on the holiday can make it easier for folks to attend. (And some venues may offer a discount for having your event on a Monday.)  

2. Dress the bridesmaids and bride in layers

Outdoor photos (or photos in front of a wall of windows) might provide a picturesque background, but your bride and bridesmaids will be freezing. Consider adding stylish short jackets of velvet or faux fur that can be worn over the dresses.  

3. Provide coat racks

No one wants to carry their coat or put it on the back of their chair. Provide easily-accessible coat racks for guests. Be aware that some venues charge extra for this.  

4. Serve ice water

Yes, hot buttered rum, coffee, and hot cocoa will warm your guests but will not quench their thirst. Winter is dry and makes people feel parched. Greet guests with water and have pitchers of it on every table.

5. Use ice, snow, and crystals in your decor

Play up the stark white and sparkly part of winter snow in your decor. If your base colors are white and silver, think how other colors such as vibrant red, vivid turquoise or deep eggplant will pop against that backdrop.

6. Provide small wraps or blankets

Drafty churches, synagogues, and reception halls will make guests uncomfortable, especially older guests who have a decreased metabolic rate. Don’t make them have to keep their coat with them. You can cut an inexpensive, attractive fabric remnant into large squares and have them on hand for guests who get cold.   

7. Skip the luau theme

You may be tempted to host a luau wedding in the winter, but trust us, if you’re not on a tropical island, it’s just tacky.

8. Don’t assume the venue will have a snow plow

Every venue has different contingency plans for snow. Make sure your venue has people scheduled to shovel sidewalks and entryways as well as a snow plow to clear out the parking lot.

9. Be mindful of holiday travel rates

According to Smarter Travel, Christmas, New Years, and spring break are expensive times of year to travel. For more economical travel for your guests, avoid scheduling your wedding between December 15th and January 7th and the last two weeks in February.

Follow these nine tips and your winter wedding will be a pleasant affair. If you need help planning your wedding, contact us, we create amazing weddings in any weather.